About Netlaw

Netlaw is a grouping of independent law firms in the Netherlands. At this moment approximately 400 lawyers are part of the association in over 15 offices across the country. There is always a Netlaw law firm in your area.

The Netlaw offices cooperate in the field of knowledge, management and organization, marketing & communications, and training & development. Netlaw delivers the connected lawyers and their clients the benefits of scale, without the disadvantages associated with it.

Netlaw exists since 1990 and directs since then affiliated offices in the largest network of independent lawfirms in the Netherlands.

Netlaw has its own training institution, recognized by the Dutch Bar Association: NetlawAcademy.

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Netlaw info

The size of a Netlaw office varies up to approximately 60 lawyers. They assist their clients in almost every legal area, up to the highest level. Each office also employs lawyers who act as arbitrator, mediator or conciliator.

The offices all operate at the top of the market, for companies, governments, institutions and private individuals. The Netlaw offices are closely involved in developments in your region and are well aware of local circumstances.

A sustainable bond of trust is the starting point in the relationship with our customers. This starts with consultation about the content of the case and an honest insight into the rate of the service.



The Netlaw board consists of the following members:

foto Jaap
Mr. C.J. (Jaap) IJdema
Chairman and partner at
Adriaanse van der Weel in Middelburg


foto Martijn
Mr. M.A. (Martijn) Kerkdijk
Treasurer and partner at
Benthem Gratama in Zwolle


foto Marieke
Mr. M.F.A (Marieke) Dankbaar
Board member of training courses
and partner at Pot Jonker in Haarlem


foto Nadia
Mr. N.C. (Nadia) Haase
Board member of YoungNetlaw
and partner at KBS in Utrecht


Mr. W. (Bill) de Vis
Board member communications
and partner at Schenkeveld in Alkmaar

Stages en vacatures [EN]

Internships and vacancies

The Netlaw offices continuously train student interns and lawyer interns and prefer to see their offices grow through the influx of young talent. Netlaw's member offices work with a student internship plan, which guarantees a fruitful introduction to the daily practice of a law firm.


You can send an (open) application for a (student) internship to the office in your region. See

Offices & Vacancies



The NetlawAcademy is Netlaw's training institute. Since 1996, Netlaw has been recognized by the Dutch Bar Association as a training institution for Permanent Legal Training, which now falls under the Verordening op de Vakbekwaamheid.

NOVA punten

In addition, the NetlawAcademy organizes additional training courses for lawyers and others in the Netlaw offices. Participation in the training courses offered is exclusively reserved for those who work in Netlaw's law offices.


YoungNetlaw is the youth department of Netlaw. Anyone who has been a lawyer up to a maximum of seven years can participate in the YoungNetlaw meetings, which are organized twice a year. The meetings are characterized by deepening the content, coupled with conviviality at a special location.

foto Annemiek
Annemiek Varkevisser
attorney at La Gro Geelkerken
in Leiden


foto Kelly
Kelly Both
attorney at Ten Holter Noordam
in Rotterdam


foto Lis
Lis van Baarsel
attorney at KBS
in Utrecht